The Power of Listening

Bill Gallagher

Leaders need to hear YES. Yes to the proposals, the offers, the pitches, the suggestions, the hiring offers. But how can you get more of those yeses?


Bill has the answer. Whether you’re raising money or partnering with someone, the secret to hearing yes is knowing what the other person needs. Knowing what people needed (even before they did) was the key contributor to the success of Steve Jobs and Apple.


If you want to hear yes, show more interest in other people. Offer commitment and action. Set your pitch aside and consider what is really going on with the other person. What is their world like? How can you improve it? What advanced research can you do to get the information you need? And how can you give them what they want?


The key is rarely what we say but how well we listen to what the other person is saying. Become a good listener. Be curious about other people, and you are going to hear yes far more often.



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