Year-End Practices

Bill Gallagher

Happy New Year everyone! Bill shares his year-end practices and what he does to end his year on a high note in this week’s Tuesday Tip.


Bill likes to sit down and review all the structures, processes, and documents he used/put in place for that year. He has a one-page plan that’s broken down by quarter. It’s also color-coded so that Bill can see at a glance what’s been done vs. what’s pending.


Bill also likes to create a vision board in Powerpoint at the beginning of each year and likes to review how he did as the year winds down. He also likes to look at his calendar/photos on a week-by-week basis to see what he did, who he met with, and more!


As busy people, we often are so in the moment or in the “grind” that our memory can only handle so much before it forgets. This is a great exercise to see everything you’ve achieved thus far! A lot can happen in 52 weeks that we end up forgetting about.



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